Auric Services Inc.

Business Services

Auric Services Inc. - Financial and Operational Management Consulting

AURIC is a Financial & Operational Management Consulting Company that maximizes Enterprise value and accelerates Growth by working with clients to leverage Operational Excellence. We work side-by-side with our clients to immediately improve cash profits, accelerate organic growth, integrate newly acquired businesses, and generate immediate and long-term balance sheet improvements.

The firm provides advisory services, training support & manpower to clients; through a team of professionals, coming together to provide complete, competitive and cost effective business management solutions.


Business Services

We offer our clients End to End Business Management solutions ranging from Strategic & Financial Planning, Risk Assessment & Building Brand Equity.

The services include:

  • Strategic Business & Financial Planning
  • Evaluation of Businesses on Sale
  • Risk Assessment & Analysis- Operational and Financial
  • Building Brand Equity and Due Diligence
  • Regulatory and Legal Compliance
  • Business Forecasting & Workflow Management Services
  • System implementation & Process Automation ​

Tax & Wealth Planning

Our Experts specialise in Corporate and Personal Tax planning and set out a path to build Financial Stability.

The services include: -

  • Corporate & Personal Tax Planning
  • ​HST / GST Appeals & Assessments
  • Corporation & Payroll Returns
  • WSIB Filing & Compliance
  • Assistance in CRA Audits & Reviews
  • Incorporation & Business Registrations
  • Financial & Wealth Planning​ ​

Accounting & Compliance

Our Certified experts provide Automation and Integration solutions across various Accounting and Operational functions

The services include: -

  • Bookkeeping with Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors
  • On & Off-Site Accounting Services
  • Consolidation and Migration of Existing Books
  • Transportation Safety & Compliance
  • Training and Recruitment Support 
  • Designing Incentive plans for the team