What Makes Diamond Truck Sales Stand Out

What Makes Diamond Truck Sales Stand Out

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About Diamond Truck Sales
We are specialists in the transportation and logistics industry. We operate through a dealership for used heavy commercial equipment, all of which are approved by OMVIC (Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council). That way, our clients are assured of quality.

To procure and provide used equipment, we specialize in the buying and selling of trucks and trailers. We deal in Sleeper Highway Tractors, Dump Trucks, City Trucks (Day Cabs Tractors, Heavy Specs Trucks, Freight Trailers (Dry Vans, Refrigerator - Reefer Trailers, Flat Bed Trailers, and other specialized equipment and trailers). We even arrange for leasing, financing, business loans, lines of credit, etc., and providing business consulting to our customers as well. Currently, we are operating through our Yard at Milton, Ontario, and also we have an administration office in Brampton, Ontario.

Our team of professionals includes around ten highly skilled people working under various departments like marketing and sales, procurement, operations, IT, and administration. As everyone at our dealership has a role to play, we are capable of handling requirements of varying sizes. Moreover, they are available all through the week to help out clients. Our working hours are from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm all through the week. We also have an online presence to offer clients support beyond our working hours and during weekends as well.

We have been in business for over six years now. Initially, the company was operated through private trades. However, since 2019, our company’s structure is set up professionally, which includes approval by OMVIC and our registration as a member of various business and trade associations.

Despite our experience in our industry, our business is currently in a state of growth. The reason for this is mainly due to the changes introduced by new technologies or trends and tastes. That said, our services are recognized throughout the province of Ontario. Through word of mouth, we’ve even earned recognition in other provinces.

The Diamond Truck Sales Difference
What makes us stand out at a business is our unique approach towards our business compared to other dealers in the industry. We make sure to assess the operational requirements of our buyers’ vis a vis financial worthiness. Accordingly, we suggest to them the appropriate equipment and flexible financing options.

We are experts in providing solutions as per the requirements of our buyers through digital communication tools and other regular means. We also offer business financial and operational consulting in addition to our regular equipment. Our primary strength is providing total transportation solutions to our customers. But by providing add-on services, we can satisfy our client’s needs completely.

To improve our services further, we are very attentive and focused as far as the needs of our customers are concerned. We help them assess their technical specifications according to their operational requirements and provide them with the appropriate solutions that meet their short-term, medium-term, and long-term financial needs. Moreover, our customers get more than what other dealers offer.

Furthermore, our founder is a qualified chartered accountant with rich experience in providing financing and consulting services. At the same time, he acquainted himself with the transportation operations and safety and compliance requirements as applicable in Canada and the USA. Here, most of the trucking operations are cross border, and they need to follow several operational and safety compliance procedures and documentation. As our founder also has extensive experience in trucking and logistics operations and compliance, we can guide our customers about the statutory requirements for equipment and drivers.

During the course of our business, getting approved by OMVIC has been one of our most significant achievements. We are now a recognized name in the market, like very few dealers who specialize in the buying and selling of used heavy commercial equipment. We recently set up new procedures and systems in the organization that has significantly aided our growth. One of these systems involves having an online presence. Our association with the renowned digital marketing experts at Webware has helped us set up our business online and has effectively taken care of our digital marketing and e-commerce requirements.

Over the years, our recognition throughout the country has grown exponentially. We well known across different provinces and highly praised by our customers and vendors. Our vision for the future is to become a leader in our industry with consistent innovation, growth, and development. Simultaneously, we dream of creating employment for the people of Ontario to get jobs according to their skillset and experience. With this platform, we firmly believe that our dream will come true. We are quite ambitious about our business growth and are excited to see what the future holds for us.

Currently, in Canada, small and medium transportation companies are not organized, and this makes them part of the unorganized sector. In such a market, we have an edge due to our understanding about the transportation business from start to end. Our customers benefit from us with our expert business advice and systematic solutions.

Our success so far has the result of our fantastic team. To keep them motivated and at the top of their game, we run a leading compensation program that includes a commission structure that rewards productivity and smart work. We also offer flexible hours so that our employees can create a suitable work-life balance. We even offer variable compensation based on performance and surprise rewards and gifts to the best performers. This fulfilling environment keeps our staff happy and motivates them to keep doing their best.

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